There was a problem on Tuesday. Yes, Bari Koral showed up for her show. The East Tennessean and the Edge was there for there part of the coverage. But, something was missing.
Where were the posters, or ads or any type of coverage from Buctainment?
Then it hit me – there was none.
With no ads or any type of coverage, besides Monday’s article in the Lifestyle section of The East Tennessean, there was barely an audience for the Bari Koral show.
Bari Koral performed for the ETSU students (or lack there of) on Tuesday for a live acoustic show. When asked before the show if she was nervous she calmly and cooly said “No.”
Koral kicked off her performance with two soft and angelic songs before going into her own rendition of Jewel’s “Who Will Save Your Soul” and Sheryl Crow’s “The First Cut is the Deepest.”
Koral also treated the students to more of her personal music with cuts like “Andy,” “Radio Song” and “You’re gonna meet me.”
Koral was near perfect and sounded exactly as she sounds in her CD’s – a rare talent few musicians have these days.
However, during the performance Koral was looking around in somewhat disbelief at the lack of audience there in the Atrium. When I looked around, there were no posters to promote this performance and if I wasn’t a writer for the paper, I would have even missed this great performance.
My question is how come Buctainment can provide posters and ads for movies like Shrek 2 and Spiderman 2, yet no poster or ad or sign for the Koral performance.
Hell, even a sign on the spiral walkway pointing toward the performance would have been more than what was attempted.
So few students were at the performance that, unfortunately, only one quote was recorded for this review.
When I asked Joe Healy what he thought of the performance, he said it was “pretty good” but then admitted that he just sat down in the atrium and wasn’t really listening long. Most of the other students (if there were any) in the Atrium were acting as if nothing was happening.
It was truly a sad sight at a such a great performance. Koral was great but the lack of hype and ads my have cost ETSU students a chance it.
I am apologizing for a lack of coverage for the performance.
I also believe if we are going to have perfomances at ETSU, students should be better informed about them.
Ads and posters promoting the act should be made before the performance and signs should be made the day of the performance to remind students of acts they may want to see.
Promoting helps.
If we can have a half-page promotion about UFOs, we can do better promoting for performances at ETSU.