Dear Editor,America can’t afford to vote Republican this November or in the next presidential election.

Republicans have ruined America’s image.

Under their party’s leadership, Americans lost a record 8.5 million jobs. The Republicans left a record deficit of $1.5 trillion.

The Pew Poll reported that they left Americans with the lowest job approval rating in the history of the United States.

The Democrats passed Universal Health Care Reform for 32 million uninsured Americans. They also passed an economic stimulus bill without the Republicans’ support. That bill kept 3 million Americans working.

It helped my fellow college students and graduate students by reforming student loans. Since its inception, loans have been restructured to accommodate us instead of the banks or Wall Street.

They helped the middle class and the working poor by rebuilding our infrastructure – our roads and bridges, like the new one we needed badly here in Elizabethton.

It was built to remember my good friend Donnie Davis who died in Afghanistan fighting for his country.

In conclusion, the Republicans broke U.S. law and international law. You need to remember that.

We are a nation of laws, in which all are held accountable, and we must hold the Republicans accountable come November.

We are all living a nightmare as the president does all he can to help a record number of 16 million Americans who are out of work and money. And the Republicans continue to be the “party of no.”

I hope you remember why America is in the mess it’s in.

Vote Democratic this November, because America cannot afford the Republicans who have wrecked our economy and our image around the world.

They have dumped a mess in President Barack Obama’s lap and in yours.

The loss of 8.5 million jobs has put America in this mess, and we have the Republicans to thank for that.

The facts do not lie. The Republicans’ record does not lie, but the Republicans themselves sure as hell do.

As a registered voter and a veteran, I am disgusted with what the Republicans have done to my country and you should be too.

Vote them out and show them that the facts matter. The record matters. Vote Democratic this November, my fellow students, because the Democrats helped you when the Republicans told you no.

You must help the Democrats because America cannot afford to vote Republican ever again.

-Tom Birchfield