Dear Editor,

As a non-smoker, I cringe at the idea of a smoke-free campus. Why? Because it’s totally impractical. While I’m not a smoker, I understand the day-to-day pressures as a student.

I don’t judge how another person handles their pressure and would far rather walk by a group of smokers, who are going to school, struggling to better themselves while saddled with an expensive habit that’s so hard to break.

The rights to fresh air were five steps away from where this recorded confrontation took place.

Does anyone ever wonder if, just maybe, the smoker feels a little bummed out about his addiction? When it’s time to quit for that individual, I’ll applaud their drive and willpower.

Of all the stresses that we are encountering these days, whether a person chooses to smoke or not is none of my business.

Renae Keysmith