Most people around here may have heard of Wichita, Kan., from the White Stripes’ song “Seven Nation Army,” but soon rock fans may know it for a different reason: the birth city of the band, Soulicit.
Soulicit chose their name because they felt they were “soliciting” their souls to the crowd and the listener, but the band added an obvious misspelling for originality.
Members Darick Parson, (vocals/guitar) Andrew Weaver, (bass) Dan Weaver, (lead guitar) and Trent Boehner (drums) hope to “bring back Rock to the forefront.” A goal that lets the band really rock out for the fans.
Soulicit started in 2002. Wichita may be the largest city in Kansas, but it has a relatively small rock scene. Despite the complacent locale, the band’s philosophy of “keep grinding till something breaks” is paying off.
Pushing the American Hard Rock genre, Soulicit is awakening the sleeping hard rock scene with their fresh take on their genre. They just came off a Tour with Anew Revolution and Anchored, and found their single “Hell Yeah” placing No. 41 on Mainstream Rock and No. 44 on Active Rock radio charts. You can listen to the energetic single on their full length album “Parking Lot Rock Star.” But like any good rock band, Soulicit’s bread and butter is their live show.
Soulicit desires to make every show a party. The crowd can sing along or cut loose and have fun. This is easy to do during their high energy performance.
Their last show in Johnson City was March 7, but they hope to return soon.
When they do, Soulicit asks you to “take a chance on a good time.” Until then, you can check out Soulicit for yourself at to find music, show dates, photos and merchandise.