With the conclusion of East Tennessee State University’s 2011-12 academic year, the university now turns its focus towards enrollment for the 2012 summer term.
This summer will be different from past summer sessions, as lottery funding is now available to eligible students in the form of the Tennessee HOPE scholarship.
If students first received a lottery scholarship for the 2009 fall term or any term after that, they may be eligible to receive the lottery scholarship for summer session.
Eligible students who are enrolled in 12 or more credit hours will receive a full lottery scholarship. Those enrolled in 9-11 credit hours will receive three-fourths of a lottery scholarship. Lastly those students enrolled in 6-8 credit hours will receive half of a lottery scholarship.
“We didn’t know how the HOPE would impact enrollment for the summer,” said Sarah Bradford, director of summer school programs.
With it being so early in the summer it’s hard to say how the HOPE scholarship will influence enrollment in summer session this year.
“We’ll [the bursar’s office] know better how they compare around mid June,” Bradford said, “but at this point overall we are down from last year’s enrollment.”
ETSU bases its numbers off credit-hour production, not the number of students enrolled.
Last year around this time ETSU had students taking 29,390 credit hours, and currently, students are taking 27,898 credit hours.
Members of the faculty hope that the posted final grades will result in higher student enrollment in summer classes due to possibly having to retake failed courses.
“I’m very optimistic about the scholarship helping this summer exceed last year’s numbers,” said Richard Osborn, dean of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach.
“I would be very surprised if numbers this summer were fewer than last year’s,” Bradford said.
The in-state rates for eligible students this summer are as follows: undergraduates will pay $217 per credit hour plus the $63 university fee, while graduates will pay $350 per credit hour plus the $63 university fee.
Additional fees may be associated with specific courses.
Financial aid may also be available for qualifying students.
Students are asked to check the financial aid website for additional information.
For additional eligibility requirements and information, contact the Scholarship Office.