As a country that was built on the right of the individual, rights such as freedom of speech, protection from unreasonable search and seizure, right to a speedy trial, etc., one that seems to always bring out the extremist is the Second Amendment – the whole “Right to Keep and Bear Arms” thing.
Well what if I told you that some of us pro Second Amendment supporters even wanted that to extend to our college campuses for those students with their handgun carry permit? Would you call me crazy? What if I told you there are actually already states allowing this, like Utah and Colorado? Are you intrigued yet? As radical as this idea seems, what makes a college campus a magical place where crime doesn’t happen? Why can’t I carry at East Tennessee State University? Tennessee is a fairly gun rights-friendly state.
It is in “Gun-Free Zones” where people are the most unsafe. Do you think that a criminal bent on harming others is going to see a sign that says “No Guns” and say “Well I guess I can’t harm others here” … no they aren’t.
Statistics show they are actually more likely to attack those places. They don’t fear an unarmed victim; as a matter of fact they prefer it. Simply think about where criminals are less likely to attack – in places that they will meet resistance.
Another argument I often meet is that college students aren’t mature enough to carry. Well to that I remind you that I’m not arguing WHO can carry, just WHERE those who already carry can. I am a licensed handgun carrier and when I am not on campus or in any other place that doesn’t allow me to carry, I have a firearm on me at all times.
The state has already determined that I am competent enough to carry a firearm and I am very aware of the responsibility I assume when I carry. So why when I’m on campus do I suddenly become too incompetent to carry a firearm? Does my right to protect myself suddenly go out the door when I step onto campus?
I believe Benjamin Franklin said it best, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
I don’t want to step on toes and my sympathies and prayers still go out to them, but what about Virginia Tech. There are many licensed concealed carry students on that campus.
What if the campus allowed these students to carry? Do you think maybe some lives could have been saved?
I know that this could be what-if’d to death and anything could have happened, but isn’t a chance to fight back better than being just fish in a barrel?