If you imagine the Foo Fighters as harder and edgier with more passionate screams, then you’ve imagined The Bronx. The already popular Los Angeles band is about to release its first album in five years, “The Bronx IV,” Feb. 5.
The sampler of the new album delivers the same powerful post-grunge punk the band is known for. “The Bronx IV” keeps it loud and punchy, but the band is certainly delivering a fresh record.
The Bronx vocalist, Matt Caughthran, claims “This [album] represents the highest evolution of the band, which is exactly how it should be be.”
“The Bronx IV” is definitely a welcome release in the punk world if the teaser songs are any indication. Right now, the demo consist of three songs, “Rib Cage,” “Youth Wasted” and “Too Many Devils.”
“Rib Cage,” is presented as the single. It’s loud, fast, fun and inventive, which is exactly what punk fans want. “Youth Wasted” is their melodic track, showing some dynamic to the upcoming album. It also showcases the lyrical depth the band can produce. “Youth Wasted” is still fast and loud, but a more dance in style.
“Too Many Devils” gives the album a darker and more experimental taste. “We made an effort to trim the fat and focus the ideas a lot more,” guitarist Jacob J. Ford admits. “Trimming the fat” – something older bands often forget to do. The fact they at least made that attempt is another reason to be excited for the upcoming release.
The Bronx seem to know their place in the music world. With post-grunge punk, you cut the crap and play. Being a punk fan at heart, I’m excited for this release. I can’t really say anything negative about the teaser songs. The album itself may have a bad order, or the rest of the songs may not be as strong, but if they truly cut the fat, then we have a winner on our hands. If you’re interested, you’ll find the album in all the usual places.