The band BoomBox will be making a stop at Johnson City’s Galaxy Lounge on March 13 as they embark on their winter tour.
BoomBox is a funk band comprised of longtime friends Russ Randolph and Zion Rock Godchaux. Both performers are versatile, their talents ranging from DJs to instrumentalists to songwriters.
Their music is best described as kind of an airy funk. They synthesize and DJ new beats while pulling from more traditional rock and blues influences. Ultimately, they specialize in music that makes people dance.
BoomBox shows are a mixture of live instruments and synthesized programs. “It’s all natural, it’s all in real time,” says Godchaux, “and that’s why it’s Rock ‘n’ Roll.”
BoomBox shows involve a great deal of crowd participation, creating an atmosphere that varies with each performance. In a method similar to that of the White Stripes, they create their set as they play. This allows them to react to the crowd. “We just want to go out with no game plan,” says Randolph. “That way it’s fresh for us, and we can follow the energy of the crowd. We’re down to get down, and we hope that people are down with us.”
BoomBox has seen a fair amount of success between their first album, “Visions of Backbeat,” (known for its track, “Stereo”) and their sophomore album, “Downriverelectric.” Currently on the eve of a new album, BoomBox hopes to continue improving with every release.
Prior to the show, BoomBox will be giving away two free tickets to their show at the Galaxy Lounge.
By logging into Facebook, joining the BoomBox concert event at the Galaxy Lounge, commenting on the event and inviting friends to the event, one lucky winner will receive the free tickets. The winner will be announced the week of the performance.
For more information about BoomBox, check out their website If you look them up on Spotify, take note that their discography is mixed with a hip-hop band also named BoomBox.