Dear Editor,
I would like to think of myself as an avid reader of the East Tennessean. Anytime a new edition is published, I pick one up and read through the articles that are included. I have always been interested in the content and keeping up with the events on and around campus.
This is the end of my junior year here at ETSU and I have had strong feelings about a couple of the articles printed, however, I have never been so distracted and outraged as I was today.
This most recent edition of the East Tennessean featured an article in the “viewpoint” section that I found to be in incredibly bad taste. The article was attempting to make a statement about whether the Boy Scouts of America should allow homosexuals into their organization.
Fundamentally, I tend toward the side of agreement that each PRIVATE organization should be allowed to make rules regarding the requirements for admission to that group. I, myself, am in the Honors College here at ETSU. A GPA requirement is part of admission into the college. This requirement could be seen as discriminatory to people with lower grades; who would like the benefits that honors students are granted. I do not entirely disagree with the point that the author is trying to make. I do, however, really disagree with his methods.
“If the Left wants to intelligently debate this subject, they need to quit using an argument that is predicated on the false, deceitful claim that homosexuality is an intrinsic, biological trait.”
This is where you lose me.
There have been several studies published in reputable, peer-reviewed journals of science, psychology and medicine that have found interesting biological links to homosexuality. If anyone is interested they can look into Simon LeVay’s research. He obtained his Ph.D. from Harvard and worked as a National Institute of Health researcher. The author of this article has clearly not done his research. It is irresponsible to print this type of misinformation. The press has a responsibility to present information in a balanced and honest way. This not balanced or honest.
In addition, the language is incredibly distasteful. Using statements such as “sexually confused Left” and discussion of “those wishing to pitch their tents toward Sodom” is ridiculous and unprofessional.
I do not identify as a homosexual, but I do identify as a student here. I would be embarrassed and horrified for a visitor to this campus to pick up our student newspaper and read it. It makes a statement that this university does not support. This university is making great strides toward tolerance and cooperation. All this hard work is evidenced by having widely public events like Diversity Week, bringing the FagBug to campus, and all the work that FMLA, HEROES & OASIS does to break down stigma surrounding sexuality.
I never thought I would write a letter to the editor about an article, but I just could not get back to finishing the semester until I made a statement about this.
– Danielle Kailing