In our day and age, honest political news seems hard to obtain.
With injected viewpoints everywhere, it’s hard to tell if you are getting honest information presented in an honest way.
As corporate news personalities and talking heads have discussions about the issues of today, many bloggers young and old show themselves to be  today’s true minutemen of information.
Independent bloggers and journalists are never paid shills or endorsers.
They present the information to us in a more honest and direct way.
They also present the information in a more relatable way.
Instead of communicating to the masses, the independent blogger communicates within the masses and gets the conversation going about something that some of the corporate news writers may see as unimportant or just plain stupid.
Independent bloggers and journalists bring new issues to the table much of the time and help begin dialogue about issues before the mainstream media. They are basically the grass-roots writers of today.
The same could even be said of people who engage in political discussions on social networking.
They stir up the pot and start dialogue with their peers. This causes their peers to discuss these issues, and in this way, ideas can circulate quickly.
Many even believe that social networking and discussion through blogs on the Internet are directly responsible for many of the drastic changes in the balance of power and social structure we see today all around the world.
This could be true considering that many of the most totalitarian countries have less access to information as most Americans do.
In many totalitarian or autocratic countries, certain problems in the society aren’t addressed or openly spoken about and thus, they persist until something gives.
Today’s informational minutemen have a big task on their hands. They must talk about the issues that they feel matter and that they feel aren’t getting the attention they deserve.
If they feel that injustice is being ignored, it is their jobs to make sure that it is not.
They must bring these discussions to the table. By bringing information to the people and starting dialogue about issues, we can figure out what is needed or what should be challenged.
The narratives of the independent bloggers and journalists in America may be overlooked, but they will soon show themselves to be a much more powerful social and political force in our world – challenging the popular narratives in our culture and allowing an alternative to be heard.
That being said, these informational minutemen of today may not have the same take on the issues in the news, but it is important to acknowledge and consider when assessing the world around us.
They help us look at things objectively in a much better way than most mainstream media.
So, next time you write someone off for their views and perspectives, think about how important it is that these viewpoints and perspectives actually do exist.