I dare say every one of us has run a finger across a wall or handrail just to see if a “wet paint” sign is telling the truth.
So why is it that after mistake on top of scandal on top of lie do some people still try to defend President Obama’s failed administration?
Frankly, there are only two ways to describe Obama’s performance as president thus far: either as a deliberate, lying destructor or an incompetent, sorry excuse for a leader.
Either way, with all that has been going on lately, you would have to be woefully misinformed or childishly gullible (perhaps both) to still have a positive view of this man.
How many of you students would expect to pass a class by answering every test question with “I don’t know,” or expect to be able to keep even the most entry-level, part-time job after making so many mistakes?
Claiming ignorance might allow you to get by once or twice in these scenarios, but when you are the leader of the free world, and your job requires you to be reprised of current events, once is too much.
That’s if you believe that Obama’s case of the “I don’t knows” is simply human error.
Maybe Obama really didn’t know about how the IRS was targeting pro-Israel and conservative groups.
Maybe he didn’t know what was going on with Benghazi, or with spying on the AP’s phone records, or with the absurd Fast and Furious weapons scheme.
Surely he didn’t know about all of the NSA spying activities.
As the scandals start to pile up, they begin to seem less like a man making mistakes and more like a man with a plan, albeit a dangerous one to American values.
It seems new scandals come to light just in time to distract the public from the previous one.
So forget about all that and let’s move on to the next scandal.
“If you like it, you can keep it,” our president said in regards to citizens’ current health insurance under new Obamacare law.
He said it not just once but several times, much the same way he would chant, “Yes we can,” during his campaign speeches.
Americans everywhere know that is a lie. Millions of people are being dropped from their plans after they were promised they could keep it.
In addition to that, the significant decrease in insurance premiums that Obama promised has instead increased well over 100 percent.
On top of that, states that are seeing the highest percentage increases are “red states.” Coincidence?
The New York Times and others in the liberal media are trying to spin this lie by saying that Obama, “clearly mis-spoke,” and that this is all an overblown controversy.
Even if that is true, how many passes does this guy get? Any other job and he would have been fired a long time ago.
This lie is simply indefensible.
There is federal, documented proof that the Obama administration knew that premiums would go up and that nearly 93 million Americans could lose their coverage. He was aware of it every time he stood behind a podium.
He is now trying to save face by adding an “if” clause to his “you can keep it” slogan.
He now claims that he said you could keep your current plan, “if it hasn’t changed since the law’s passed.”
First off, Obama has never, ever said this before, and second, even if he had, it doesn’t change the fact that he wants you to lose your insurance.
The new law forces insurers to change their plans, which then forces them to drop people.
Either way, people are going to lose their coverage. Obama intentionally misled voters so that he could win reelection, choosing to lie and reap the immediate benefits, leaving the fallout to be dealt with later.
It time we start looking at what Obama is doing rather than what he is saying so we can call him on his deception before we are left to pick up the pieces and suffer the consequences.