Taylor Pansock is a 20-year-old junior cheerleader here at ETSU. Originally from Piney Flats, she is here at ETSU like many to study nursing. She was attracted here to ETSU simply because of how she feels about this beautiful mountainous area, “I love the East Tennessee area” Pansock said.
She has been in cheerleading since she was in junior high, “I’ve been cheering for nine years.” She certainly wants to continue her cheerleading career into her senior year, rounding out at 10 strong years of being in the sport she loves.
The panicle of her cheerleading career, she says, is when she placed second at the Cheer Sport Nationals. She also says, “I am also very happy about becoming one of the cheerleading captains of our team.”
This season, what she is excited about the most is how she will grow and progress, not only her skills, but how the cheerleading team’s skills will progress as the season goes on. “I am also excited about mastering elite cheerleading gymnastics and skills and continuing to grow athletically as a cheerleader,”Pansock says.
One of the many things that she loves about the sport of cheerleading is: “The relationships you make with people.” With going to all of the games and being in cheerleading for as long as she has, she has met quite a few amazing people. Also, being a cheerleader here at ETSU has exposed her to even more amazing people to form long lasting relationship with.
As for her future plans for cheerleading, she wants to once more cheerlead for ETSU her senior year. As for after graduation from here at ETSU, she might not continue on with the sport. “That is unless I become a UCA staff member, but if I can’t, then most likely I will not continue with the sport.”