This is Katelin Wolff’s last year here at ETSU. Originally from Texas, this 22-year-old senior will be graduating in May with a degree in marketing and has had a spectacular career as the ETSU softball team’s pitcher.

“I have been playing softball since I was about 8 years old,” Wolff says. That makes this her 14th year in the game of softball. 

What is her biggest accomplishment though in all those years of playing softball? “Being able to play softball at the college level, right here at ETSU, has really been the biggest accomplishment for me.”

But what drew this Texas native all the way to ETSU for softball? “This place just felt right,” Wolff explains. 

“The people and the atmosphere here just makes playing for this school feel like home to me.” Undoubtedly, the softball girls and coaches will be missing a great pitcher next year with such a positive attitude as Wolff has.

All of the softball girls are excited for the Atlantic Sun Tournament, the first of which will be on May 7, but with this being Wolff’s last year playing softball at ETSU, she is especially excited for the tournament. 

“This is why our team works so hard every day – so we can make it to the A-Sun tournament,” she says.

ETSU’s softball team has had 16 wins so far this season. “If we keep racking up wins, we as a team will be able to meet our goal of competing in the A-Sun championships,” Wolff says. “We have to keep working and win one game at a time.”

Those are her goals for her last season here at ETSU, but what about when she graduates? “I would love to help other girls have the same opportunities in this sport as I have.” Wolff explains. “Either giving girls lessons or helping out in some other way to give promising softball players a chance to play in college as well.”