708 Ministries offers students a place to meet new friends, relax and grow closer to God.

708 Ministries is organized and supported by the Central Church of Christ in Johnson City and is overseen by the congregation’s eldership and is served by their campus minister, Dustin Humphreys.

“I’ve been involved with 708 Ministries for five years as a member and one year as the campus minister and I can guarantee that you won’t find a better group of students who desire to serve God and their community,” said Humphreys.

708 meets throughout the semester for devotionals, game/movie nights and potlucks. Various events throughout the semester including hiking trips, trips to amusements parks and retreats are planned for students to enjoy while getting to know one another.

“Every year we plan a trip to Scarowinds around Halloween and it’s a tradition that our students have come to look forward to. Last year we took a group of 25 and it was a blast. We stayed one night in a hotel in Charlotte, went to the park and were able to do this at a relatively low cost to the students,” Humphreys said.

The college ministry is also involved on campus, participating in various activities such as intramural sports, attending school sponsored events and games and this school year, they will be gathering to sing on campus.

708 Ministries’ mission is to reach out to college students from ETSU, Milligan College, Tusculum College, Northeast State Community College and the Tri-Cities School of Preaching. 

“We have undergraduate and graduate, Ph.D. and medical students, members that are locally attending school and members that are international students,” said Humphreys, “and we are all one in the body of Christ.” 

The group strives to fulfill the great commission that was given by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:18-20 by sharing the gospel on campuses in East Tennessee. They adhere to no man-made doctrine and seek to use the Bible and the Bible alone as their sole source of authority. They also endeavor to be like the Bereans from Acts 17:11 who searched the scriptures daily to make sure what they were being told was the truth. 

A Biblical phrase that well describes 708’s mission is found in Ephesians 4:15 by “speaking the truth in love.”

When it comes to matters that are clearly taught in the word of God, 708 aims to speak the truth, whether that truth is popular or not. 

In all matters, their aim is to speak and to act out of love. 

“If ‘God so loved the world,’ (John 3:16) then so should we,” said Humphreys. 

708 tries to make sure that every student that attends their devotionals or events feel welcome.

Students who attend 708 Ministries’ events are encouraged to find a biblically sound congregation of the Lord’s Church to attend for Sunday morning and Wednesday evening worship. 708 Ministries does not seek to replace the Lord’s Church, but to supplement it.

708 meets every Tuesday for a devotional Bible study at 7:08 p.m. at the 708 college ministry house located at 708 W. Maple St.

For more information about 708 Ministries, visit their website at www.708ministries.com. 

Like the 708 Ministries Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and Instagram @708Ministries, or email 708collegeministries@gmail.com.