The newly-discovered “jiggle test” for the Buffalo Bills cheerleaders has sparked controversy with women throughout the country. 

These girls are forced to do jumping jacks and then are graded down for any body part that “jiggled” during the test. 

Four former Bills cheerleaders are suing the Buffalo Bills for not only requiring the scrutinizing tests, but for low wages as well. 

This current debate can relate to the feminist movement in the late 20th century. 

During this time, women formulated and advocated for the Equal Rights Amendment in order to possess more liberal autonomy. 

The most notable event in feminist history is the Roe v. Wade case, which guaranteed women’s reproductive rights and was a stepping stone for women gaining respect and equality among men. 

Numerous women have been struggling to address their issues throughout the country’s history, such as reproductive rights, pay equity and sexual harassment. 

The Buffalo Bills’ exposed treatment of their cheerleading squad has shown that women still continue to suffer from these issues in the United States.