The ETSU men’s basketball team was defeated Jan. 24 by the Wofford Terriers. The Bucs traveled to Spartanburg, South Carolina, to face their opponents and put up a very good fight.

Wofford proved to be a very tough opponent with the score ending at 72-64.

“I was really proud of the effort our guys showed to come back from 21 down and have a shot at the end,” ETSU head coach Murry Bartow said.

Wofford fought hard throughout the game as ETSU came into stride in the final 10 minutes.

The Bucs did not look to be having a very good game in the first 30 minutes, but they found their stride in the last 10 minutes, making the game a tight competition. Both teams looked to be struggling offensively in the beginning of the game, but what seemed to be the deciding factor was Wofford’s ability to rebound.

The Terriers outscored the Bucs on second-chance points, putting the heat on ETSU.

“I’m really concerned about the rebounding numbers because that’s something we just haven’t been able to correct,” Bartow said. “We need to get our guys like Rashawn [Rembert] some more shots, and that’s on me. We have to do more to get him some looks.”

In the last 10 minutes, there was a double technical foul called.

Bartow was attempting to talk to Remberts when Spender Collins, a player from Wofford, stood between them and tried to listen to the conversation. When Bartow moved to stand between them, the two players continued talking.

Wofford coach Mike Young left the coaching box to see what was going on. This resulted in a technical for both coaches.

The game stands as a defeat for the Bucs, but this loss can motivate the team to perform to its limits in every match for as long as possible and not just in the final 10 minutes.