The ETSU Lady Buccaneers basketball team claimed another victory Jan. 24 over the Wofford Terriers.

The Buccaneers have stretched their win streak to 4-0 in conference, a first for the team since 2006.

“I thought Wofford did a really nice job — hats off to them — but I thought our kids were prepared today,” ETSU head coach Brittney Ezell said. “I thought they followed the scout, and they did a really good job being the aggressor.”

The Buc’s finished the game with a score of 69-47.

Wofford made several attempts to stage a run of points and disrupt ETSU’s dominating form, but the Bucs always had a response.

As the past few games have shown, ETSU had trouble starting its game strong for the first five minutes but then began to control the game.

The first half ended at 36-22 but ETSU’s work was not done.

Wofford came out of the break playing hard with a 10-2 run over the first few minutes of the second half.

However, the Bucs were able to respond with their own run of 7-2 to make the score 47-34 with only 14 minutes left. Those 14 minutes were spent with Wofford trying to regain some control over the game and failing as ETSU’s dominance began to show.

The game finished, 69-47, the Bucs completing their fourth game in the Southern Conference with a win and promises of more to come.

The Bucs have struggled for the last few games with turning on their game early, putting them in danger of some very strong performances early on from their opponent.

With only five minutes of play gone, ETSU managed to find its game and mold the entire flow of play to it.

ETSU managed 13 offensive rebounds and 34 defensive.

That statistic played a strong part in ETSU’s win, as Wofford was only allowed five offensive and 22 defensive rebounds.

“We did a great job on the glass,” Ezell said. “We got rebounded by 20. That was our goal going in.”