ETSU President Brian Noland will introduce new goals and initiatives to the student body and community 3 p.m. Friday in Brown Hall during the university’s annual state of the university address.

“It’s a speech we usually give right at the start of the fall semester, but we worked a great deal with the faculty around timing,” Noland said.

Noland said the fall semester is the time to celebrate the faculty’s accomplishments for their legacy of service.

“In the spring is when we talk about the state of the university,” Noland said.

This is the chance for students, faculty and members of the community to come to ETSU and hear about the university’s plans moving forward.

Noland said his speech will touch on enrollment, budgets, policy issues and the Tennessee Promise.

“This is an opportunity for me to outline where we are at this point in time and what we see as opportunities for the institution,” Noland said.

“A couple of major initiatives would be just a chance to speak with campus.”

Noland’s last state of the university address was in August 2014, where he discussed the constraints on our current enrollment and financial processes and expressed the desire to concentrate on overcoming them.

“President Noland plans to talk about the university and the history of the school,” said Joe Smith, chief communications officer.

“As far as the current year, he will talk about the ETSU arts initiative, our budget process, updates on the multicultural center and what’s happening moving forward with reporting sexual assaults.”

Noland also plans to talk about the great work the faculty and staff have done and still do at the university today. He will shine a light on their efforts to support students, sharing examples of teachers past and present and how they have helped shape the university.

“The people who comprise institutions dream,” Noland said. “And all of us who live and work in institutions like ETSU are better because they do.”