“Bad Grandpa” is certainly unlike anything I’ve ever watched before. Granted, I don’t watch too many comedies like this, but overall it was a good movie. I’ve probably laughed more watching this movie than I ever have during any other movie I’ve seen.

The beginning of the movie opens with Billy, who plays the grandson in the film, talking about his mother’s drug addiction and her bad breath.

While it may not have been the strongest beginning, it was necessary and funny.

The next scene, which opens with Irving Zisman (Johnny Knoxville) dressed as the bad grandpa sitting in a waiting room, is what adds to the undertones of the film. The doctor emerges to tell Zisman that his wife Ellie has died.

After a few moments, Zisman laughs, takes his freedom, and goes looking unsuccessfully for a place to relieve himself, eventually getting himself stuck in a vending machine.

Zisman giving a less-than-endearing eulogy for his late wife in front of a group of strangers is one of the more interesting scenes.

With Billy’s mother stealing grandma’s pearls, a miked conversation between Zisman and Billy’s mother, grandma’s body being thrown from the casket and several other eventful happenings, this will be a funeral you can’t forget.

The next few scenes of the movie involve a conversation with Billy’s father in an internet cafe, ending with Billy’s deadbeat father, Chuck, agreeing to take Billy on the incentive that he receives child support.

Before Zisman and Billy make their journey to Raleigh, North Carolina, to meet Chuck, furniture movers come in under the impression that they’re going to move a bed, and instead assist in moving Ellie to the trunk of Zisman’s car so that she’s not left alone on their journey to Raleigh.

“Assisting in what could be considered a crime,” is how it was put at the conclusion of the scene. Along the way to Raleigh, Zisman and Billy break a children’s coin ride outside of a store, attempt to ship Billy to Raleigh, play bingo, rob a store, destroy the wall of a restaurant, and crash a wedding.

Once they finally arrived in Raleigh, they encountered a biker club dedicated to helping children who suffer from abuse. You can only imagine how the encounter between Chuck, Zisman and the bikers ensued.

Once Zisman decides to keep Billy under his care, they decide to crash a pageant to celebrate.

The movie concludes with Billy and Zisman throwing Ellie’s body over a bridge to honor her last request.

Overall, the movie was pretty funny. While extremely vulgar, I enjoyed it. I would give the movie three out of five stars.