Despite conservative backlash from last semester, ETSU’s Sex Week committee is prepared to provide the ETSU community with events that cover a myriad of topics pertaining to sexual education.

The events will take place from Feb. 10-12, with various events occurring throughout the day.

The prospect of sex week seemed uncertain due to the controversy with the state legislature and lack of BUC funding.

However, the committee has successfully been able to prepare the events for this week with no interference.

“I think that the controversy has brought some awareness to Sex Week,” said Caroline Locke, sex week committee member. “I think it’s given the events some hype that will hopefully work out in our favor.”

Each day of Sex Week, there will be free condoms, information, schedules, etc., in the D.P. Culp University Center first floor Buc conference room from 10 a.m-6 p.m.

Some of the larger events will also be offering door prizes.

“The sex week committee has been working incredibly hard to make this week happen, and I’m so thrilled that all of these events have come together,” said Max Carwile, sex week committee member and Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance  president.

“We’ve worked hard to provide a great deal of educational events on a wide variety of subjects; we’ve tried to make it so that there’s something for everyone.”

The individual events will include topics such as reproductive justice, masculinity, sexual identity, relationships and more.

The week will conclude with One Billion Rising, an annual event to raise awareness for the one in three women who will be sexually assaulted or beaten in their lifetimes.

“Max Carwile will be present at each of the events, but each event is headed by a different person,” Locke said.

“This was decided through a selection process by the committee based on the ideas of committee members and people proposing events.”

All of the events will take place on campus, with the exception of the One Billion Rising event, which will be held at the Willow Tree Coffeehouse in downtown Johnson City.

“Right now our biggest concern is advertising and getting people to the events; people can check out our Facebook page for the list of events,” Carwile said.

“We hope that these events will open conversation all across campus and have a lasting effect on our community.

Those interested can find the full event list with locations and times on the ETSU Sex Week Facebook page.