The ETSU Student Government Association Senate voted unanimously Tuesday to pass a piece of legislation requesting the university change Parking Lot 21 into an undesignated parking zone.

The university changed Parking Lot 21 from an undesignated parking zone to a faculty and staff parking zone between spring and fall 2014.

“Countless students received parking tickets because of this switch of parking designation,” said Sen. Brandon Johnson, a member of the SGA committee for parking, safety and traffic.

“We’ve had several of our constituents come to us and feel like switching the designation was unfair.”

Johnson said this is a straightforward piece of legislation.

“They took away this parking, didn’t let students know about it really,” Johnson said. “A lot of students, when they came back from school, had no clue that it had been transferred. The signs aren’t very large. There were a lot of tickets; it was big headache. And you can still go by, and there are still plenty of empty spots.”

Sen. Emilija Cuculovska, one of the legislation’s co-sponsors, said she was unable to make contact with representatives from university departments involved in this issue.

Johnson said since the Senate passed the legislation Tuesday, SGA President Doretha Benn will bring it directly to ETSU President Brian Noland.

“Though he doesn’t always agree with legislation we pass, he has always had an open ear to listen,” Johnson said. “However, I hope this resolution will cause him to consider switching back the lot to undesignated.”