The ETSU Quidditch Club hosted the Not a Leap Year Tournament Feb. 28, which pitted our ETSU Buc-Beaks against other Quidditch teams from the University of Tennessee and Middle Tennessee State University.

The three teams battled the elements and each other, making for a fun day of fierce competition on the frozen tundra of the ETSU Quidditch Pitch.

The blizzard of 2015 could not prevent a number of students and community members from coming out to watch ETSU take on their cross-state rivals.

The snow provided both players and fans humor, good fun, and it even gave the Golden Snitch runner an added weapon as he pelted his pursuers with snowballs as they tried to catch him in their battle for victory.

All three teams became even more determined as the field turned muddy. The playing became even more ferocious, while players slipped and slid in the pursuit of triumph and glory for their schools.

During the day, each team played a total of four matches.

Despite the weather and the excellent play of their two opponents, the ETSU Bucbeakanears came out on top with three wins and one loss.

The Vols took second place with a 2-2 tally, and the MTSU Thestrals showed valiant effort, finishing the day at one and three.

“It was very successful,” said Austin Duncan, captain of the  Buc-Beaks. “At the end of the day everyone was happy, a bit muddy, but very satisfied with a great day of play.”

In the future, Duncan hopes to play both teams again.

“All in all, it was a great day for camaraderie and fun,” Duncan said.

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