ETSU is investigating a report made March 5 to the university that an individual claiming to be an ETSU employee called a student and asked for their credit card information over the phone.

“This was not anyone acting on the behalf of the university,” said Chief Communications Officer Joe Smith. “We don’t ask for any kind of information over the phone, like a credit card, E-numbers, all that kind of stuff we would not ask.”

Smith said ETSU Public Safety has talked to the student who reported the incident and is hoping to review any available phone log information that might help officers track down the individual who made the call.

Smith said the university has not received any subsequent reports of students receiving calls from individuals requesting private information, but he encourages any students who receive a similar call to report the incident to public safety.

“Right now education is the most important thing that we can do,” Smith said. “To remind people not to ever give that information over the phone, to ensure people that we would not for ask that kind of information over the telephone.”