The ETSU farmers’ market wants local and student musicians for its upcoming season.

“We strive for students from the music department, preferably those involved with bluegrass,” said Ashley Cavender, manager of the farmers’ market.

Cavender said the farmers’ market, which opens April 2, would be open to local musicians but the market does not have electrical  outlets, so it will remain very low key.

In the past, the farmers’ market has worked with Lee Bidgood and Jeff Elkins.

“We have had a variety of student musicians at the market since it began in spring of 2012,” Cavender said.

Musicians can sign up for a single day or as many time slots they’d like, for a minimum of one hour.

A tent, table and chair will be provided for musicians and donations are welcome at the end of each performance.

The farmers’ market also provides food vouchers for musicians to be used in the market.

Cavender said she simply would like more music at the market from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“The music changes the whole environment and energy of the market,” said Cavender. “We love listening to local musicians and do a little dancing every now and then.”

With the spring 2015 season around the corner, Cavender hopes to have more customers and better overall sales for vendors.

“We hope to draw more people in than ever before and also promote the market overall more effectively,” said Cavender. “We are also implementing a ‘plastic bag ban’ for the first time and we hope that will be successful.”

The farmers’ market has received funding to purchase reusable bags to give out to customers.

Cavender said she is graduating in May and Nan Kramer will take over the position in the fall.

“I hope the market continues to grow as we change positions of leadership,” Cavender said.