On March 6, the Reece Museum and the Department of Design presented its annual MFA Group show reception ‘Through the Fishbowl.’

“The reception was a two hour event,” said Amber Law, a graduate photographer. “At the reception, the artists were present and available to answer any questions a viewer had.”

Each of the student artists at the MFA art show were able to give a small presentation on the work they were showcasing.

“Food and drinks were provided,” Law said.

The annual event showcased work, in which all MFA students were invited to submit. Marissa Angel, Katherine Block, Nicholas Boismenu, Rickey Bump, Kelsey Ellis, Whitney Goller, Lyn Govette, Karahann Kiser, John Lause, Katelyn Osborne, Katie Sheffield, Lauren Taylor-Farris, Dani Winger, and Amber Law all participated in the event this year.

“I have a photograph in the show this year as well as a book of photos,” Law said. “The 14 students in the show worked in a variety of mediums.”

Ceramics, photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, video, and fibers are all showcased. ‘And everyone’s work is different, Law said.

Law’s photographs, for example, pertain to the idea of home and transient individuals. “Marissa Angel, on the other hand, is a printmaker that layers drawings, imagery and paint over her prints and her work is environmentally oriented,” Law said. “And Kelsey Ellis is a student in drawing and painting concentration and her work deals with the sublime and relationship between beauty and the grotesque.”

The graduate coordinator, Catherine Murray, assisted in organizing the event, and some faculty came to the show to support the student’s work.

The event was curated and installed by the MFA students themselves, as well as the gallery workers of the Reece Museum.

The MFA art show is up at the Reece Museum from March 2 to April 3.