The Bucs played two hard-fought games against the Radford Highlanders and Hokies on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.

Despite the losses, the team is confident about its ability to move forward.

“I think we’re okay we just need to stay positive and keep moving forward,” senior outfielder Daniel Tucker said. “We as a team have great talent and potential but we just got to stay positive and keep moving forward.”

Bucs lose in 10th inning

By the end of the sixth inning the game was tied 4-4, but ETSU came up short against the Highlanders in the 10th inning, when Radford punched 3 runs on the board on a homer from Brad Keen. The final score for the game was 7-4. This is the fourth straight loss for the Bucs. ETSU went up to bat 33 times compared to 37 for Radford.

Also the Highlanders made contact with the ball 14 times, compared to ETSU’s five.

“We’re still optimistic we have a really good squad here and have a bunch of athletes,” sophomore pitcher Chris Cook said.

“We’re just kind of waiting for things to click together and once we do we’ll be on the right track.”

Hokies defeat the Bucs, 8-3

The Bucs played the Virginia Tech Hokies on Wednesday resulting in an ETSU defeat at 8-3.

The Hokies are 13-12 overall this season.

Virginia Tech came off a 12-5 victory over Norfolk State.

The Bucs trailed at the end of the third, 4-3, as the Hokies had been hitting the ball very well.

There was a scoreless three-inning stretch during the fourth through the sixth, but the Hokies smashed the ball in the seventh inning with scoring four runs which gave them the lead, 8-3.

“I think whenever our pitching is good and our hitting is good we’re a really hard team to beat,” Cook said. “Whenever those two things come together, we’ll be a really tough team.”