The second-annual Bucstock Music and Arts Festival will take place on April 10 and 11 with several new additions.

The festival will be featured throughout the campus, including the Amphitheater, the Pedestrian Mall and the Quad with different activities such as a henna tattoo booth, face painting and musical performances from noon until midnight.

The event will also feature student artists and vendors selling artwork and jewelry, along with organizations planning to sell baked goods, said Katie Stapes, a member of Buctainment and the coordinator for Bucstock.

“It’s a little bit of everything in there, which is nice for the students,” Staples said.

On April 11, there will be a special appearance by Paint U, a Glow Rage company that travels to different regions providing a giant paint party experience.

“The bands are going to perform until 9 p.m. on that night and then Paint U will be here from 9 until midnight,” Staples said.

Last year, Buctainment had their own version of it by handing out paint to students.

“It didn’t work as well as we wanted it to,” Staples said. “This year we have an actual company that’s coming in and doing it. They will have paint, DJs and all that kind of stuff for a couple hours.”

Staples said the times for each day will start later and end earlier.

“Last year, we had 22 bands so it was kind of crazy and all over the place.”

Buctainment has limited the featured bands to 12 this year. The local artists and bands providing entertainment include: A Time Devised, Brethren of Lost Hobos, Daisi Rain, Demon Waffle, East 26, Falling through April, Hunter Grigg, Killing Abraham, Kryss Dula and Friends, None to Done, Noteworthy and Richard Gowen.

“We have less [bands] this year to try to make it more organized,” Staples said. “And we’re trying to tone it back a little.”