The ETSU Student Government Association Senate passed a resolution Tuesday enhancing the wireless network in the dormitories and housing on campus.

Many students living on campus have made complaints to the ETSU Residential Hall Association about the lack of wireless connection ability for their gaming consoles and wireless printers.

They have also made complaints at the slow speed of the wi-fi in the residence halls.

“Apparently in Lucille [Clement Hall] the Wi-Fi is a huge issue,” Sen. Alexis Petrak said. “We’re so behind on technology compared to other schools.”

Petrak said RHA compiles a list of dormitory and housing issues every year to take to the department of housing and residence life.

RHA approached Petrak in order to receive SGA support on this issue.

“This is something that students want, and something that RHA is really trying to push forward,” Petrak said.

During their discussion on the topic, many senators agreed technology is very important to students living on campus and the issue definitely needs to be addressed.

“Being a student who has lived on campus all four years, I have to run a 50 ft. cable for my gaming console,” Sen. Andrew Young said.

“It’s a bit ridiculous, and I think students should be able to have use of their consoles and printers wherever.”

The resolution passed with a vote of 23-0.

“I’ve spoken to several people in RHA, and they’ve said that compared to other campuses, we are so far behind,” Sen. Nathan Farnor said.

“We have the opportunity to encourage them to fix that. The university is growing and we have the ability to do awesome things that will give people living here the experience they deserve.”