College students spend a lot of time drinking coffee and studying. It is the inevitable. So why not find a great place to do both?

Brew Plum Coffee House, located at 324 E. Main St. in downtown Johnson City, is the place to do just this. Open since 2009, Brew Plum has been a place for locals to grab a cup of coffee and relax.

Brew Plum is located in The Nelson Fine Arts building in the heart of downtown.

They offer a variety of great coffee and hot tea. They are famous for their nitro-brewed coffee. Nitro brewed coffee is coffee that has been steeped for 12 hours and then ran through a nitro tank. It comes out very smooth and it is the perfect temperature, no need for ice.

If you aren’t a fan of cold coffee, Brew Plum has a great selection of hot drinks as well, from a cappuccino to any kind of latte you can think of.  They have flavors ranging from Mocha to cinnamon. They also have a variety of hot teas including Chai tea.

Krazy Krepes is also located in the Fine Arts Center, right next to Brew Plum. They offer a variety of crepes, all made with fresh ingredients.

Menu items include some savory and some sweet crepes. It’s a great place to visit for breakfast or if you’re looking for a great dessert. The crepes are made right in front of you and have an assortment of flavors from nutella to cinnamon sugar.

All of their menu items are offered as Gluten free upon request.

They are now serving Belgian waffles. Crepes are a great compliment to Brew Plums coffee. Business hours include Wednesday through Friday 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

While you enjoy the coffee you can walk around and see all the art that the fine arts center has to offer, most of the works are from local Johnson City artists.

Brew Plum also offers free Wi-fi for your convenience, parking is adjacent to the Nelson Fine Arts Center.