The Center for Physical Activity is typically known for its exercise equipment, rock climbing wall, and intramural sports, but what most students aren’t aware of is that the CPA is home to a cozy, yet entertaining game room.

Last fall, Assistant Director of Facility Operations and Aquatics, Jonathan Sasser, decided it would be a good idea to change a resource library on the second floor of the CPA into a game room.

“The idea for the game room is to offer a place to relax, play, catch up with friends, and re-charge if needed,” Sasser said.

The game room features a foosball table, a Wii video game console, USB port outlets, and comfortable couches for students to relax and study on.

NBA2k13, Mario Super Sluggers, and Just Dance 3 are just a few of the Wii games available for students to check out for use. This can be done at the equipment desk on the first floor. Students are also encouraged to bring their own Wii games to use on the console.

“We are hoping to eventually have an Xbox or Playstation 3 so students have more options,” Sasser said.

Campus Recreation is also open to suggestions and ideas on improvements to the game room. Sasser also thinks there may be room for “a pinball machine, or something else in here one day.”

Students often use the Culp Center Cave for video games, and eventually the Culp Center will have an expanded gaming area, but for those who would like a more intimate, quiet environment, the CPA game room is available.

Sasser also encourages students to come to the game room even if they have no intention to use the Wii or foosball table.

“Students can even come in here and study if they need to,” Sasser said.

The CPA is close to the Lucille Clement, Lunsford, Dossett, and other West residence halls that are quite a walk from the library, so the game room offers a new study location option for students.

With multiple places to plug in a USB device or laptop and with four couches, the space is a well equipped environment for those who may be looking for a new place to study.

Freshens Smoothies and vending machines downstairs also offer students a place to grab a snack if needed.

As of now, the game room is not available for reservations, but that is something Campus Rec may be open to in the future.

The game room is open during all regular CPA operating hours which can be found on their website:

For those wanting to know more about what Campus Rec offers as a whole, they can visit the website, stop by the CPA, or email