A few years ago, those who wanted to participate in intramural sports had to log on to IMLeagues.com.

Now, another option is available. Instead of logging on to a website, intramural participants can download REC*IT, an app designed to simplify intramural registration and management.

“It is specifically linked to the software we use, IMLeagues.com,” said Laura Painter, intramural graduate assistant. “You can register for teams from your phone, create teams and get push notifications about your games.”

In addition to registering and creating teams, REC*IT users can view personal stats, check game schedules and results, schedule practices and view rosters and standings.

The app also features communication abilities. App users can connect with team members, invite friends to join a team and receive notifications when others are trying to contact them.

Painter said she was an undergraduate at another university when the app launched about two years ago.

“At first, it wasn’t very popular,” Painter said. “Then there was a larger push, and a new version came out. It’s just now gotten to the point where it is much more manageable and user­friendly.”

REC*IT 2.0 was launched on the App Store on Aug. 25 by MOKO Social Media. The most recent update for Apple products was released on Thursday.

The app is free and can be downloaded on both Apple and Android devices.

At ETSU, Painter said she knows people who use the app, but its popularity is limited by what she believes is a lack of knowledge.

“It’s a work in progress,” Painter said. “It has the potential to grow. We have fliers up in the CPA to let people know about it.”

The developer of the app is also striving to increase its popularity.

“They do a tuition giveaway and have prize drawings for people who answer surveys,” Painter said. “They’re trying to make it big.”

Painter, who is a member of an intramural flag football team at ETSU, cites receiving notifications about her games as one specific benefit of the app. She said the biggest overall benefit lies in the app’s ability to mobilize all things intramural.

“It’s taking the capability of registering for a team and managing a team and putting it in mobile app,” Painter said. “It allows intramural management to be on the go and in your hands.”