Vivienne Chin traveled a long way from home to play golf at ETSU.

Chin hails from Malaysia, which is on the other side of the world, but her interests may seem all too familiar for many college students.

When Chin gets a little time to herself, she enjoys escaping the real world to delve into something a bit more fanciful.

“I like sitting on the couch and watching dramas,” Chin said with a chuckle, “mostly Asian dramas.   I also like going to church with my family on Sundays, if I have time.”

Watching these dramas is a good way for Chin to keep up her first language.

Chin gets plenty of opportunities to utilize her English around campus. She learned English at a very young age, and she is quite fluent in it.

“I learned English when I was seven years old in Malaysia,” Chin said, “And I came to the United States to play college golf. I’ve been majoring in exercise science.”

Chin has been playing at ETSU for three and a half years.  She’s been playing golf a lot longer than that, though.

She started playing back in Malaysia when she was 10 years old.  Chin is a senior at ETSU and will have played golf for 11 years when she turns 21.

Chin has learned quite a bit about the game since she started playing, enough to know that there is always room for improvement where her own performance is concerned.

“I have been working on my putting the past few weeks because it has been a complete letdown,” Chin said. “Since the last tournament, my putting has been getting better, and I intend to keep improving on that matter.”

Chin is doing exceptionally well. She recently shot a 68, which is the lowest scoring card for ETSU and also three under par for the course.  

Even at her best, Chin only seems to be looking forward, staying interested in improving herself and her team.

“We have only played four tournaments so far this season; the first two were OK, but the last two at Georgia and Knoxville were really good for me,” Chin said.  “I can tell that I’ve been improving.  My scoring average has improved to 74, which is the lowest in my college golf career.”

Chin seems very hopeful for the continued improvement in the team’s performance, and she is confident in her team’s ability to climb the rankings.  

“Our scoring average has improved, which is good,” Chin said. “I think the rest of the season is going to be great. We are ready to beat some good schools and go up in ranking.”

ETSU performed well at the Pinehurst Invitational, which was held last week, placing ninth out of 19 teams.  

In the future, Chin will be completing Optional Practical Training here in the United States for a year after she graduates.  

She hopes to land a job near Johnson City and stay close to the place she calls home.