It’s not every day that the governor of Tennessee makes a visit to Johnson City.

On Monday, Gov. Bill Haslam visited campus for meetings, taking a break later in the day to exercise in the Basler Center for Physical Activity.

With flu season coming up, the pressure for more people to take the vaccine is beginning to increase.

Haslam, along with Sen. Rusty Crowe and Tennessee Department of Health Commissioner John Dreyzehner held a press conference to urge people to take this year’s flu vaccine. Haslam said he was in town for a couple of meetings.

He also took the seasonal flu vaccine at the Northeast Regional Health Office.

“He [Haslam] visits the local health departments each year, in different regions of the state to be with Commissioner Dreyzehner just to talk about the importance of getting the flu vaccine,” said Christen Minnick, health promotion and community services coordinator for the Northeast Regional Health Department.“Sort of lead by example, by getting one himself.”

This year, staff members at the Northeast Regional Health Department were able to give Gov. Haslam and other commision members their flu shots.

“It was just a good way of promoting the flu shot and talk to community members and residents about the importance of getting a flu shot,” said Minnick.

Minnick expressed the importance by protecting yourself, a person is also protecting other community members.

“Anyone can get a flu shot, if you’re six months or older, and that it’s important to protect some of those weaker populations that can’t get the flu shot such as newborn infants, those who might be allergic to the vaccine,” she said.

Before leaving Johnson City, the governor paid a visit to ETSU to speak to President Brian Noland.

One thing led to another, and Haslam ended up getting a workout in the CPA.

“I came down to visit President Dr. Noland,” said Haslam. “I asked [if I] could have a locker [in the CPA], and he got me one.”