The Student Government Association senate covered a number of important agenda items Tuesday.

Alexis Decorino opened the meeting by telling cabinet members about a class in the spring available under Wellness Education.

Decorino said the class is nationally certified, great on resumes and perfect for leadership recruitment.

Carter Warren then went over the list of potential artists for the Spring Concert. The genre is pop and includes but is not limited to, All American Rejects, New Politics, Relient K, All Time Low, Cody Simpson and Boys Like Girls.

In three to four weeks a poll will go around for votes on the spring artist. In two weeks, the Fall Concert will feature Lupe Fiasco.

The meeting then turned to the review of bills.

Student Affairs will handle bill SSR-­15­004. The bill will make football tickets available online for raffle so students who are not able to “wait in lines unnecessarily long” to receive tickets, due to classes, may still get tickets.

The raffle would penalize those who receive a ticket but do not use it. The bill would take effect at the start of 2016­-2017 athletic season.

The next bill on the floor was the BUC Fund. Handled by the Rules and Conduct Cabinet, this bill will give the Committee the sole authority to review all funds, applications, and interviews regarding how the funds are dispersed.

Senate members were reminded to complete their office hours and have their committee meetings.

Secretary Cynthia Faircloth reviewed the budget and Dean of Students Dean Howard asked for more SGA members to sign up to review potential new food service options on Wednesday.

Senate remarks included a reminder about the pre ­law school fair Thursday from noon to 2 p.m. in the Ballroom Right. The voting registration a week ago was very successful, with 440 people registering to vote.