The Campus Department of Recreation and the Basler Center of Physical Activity are teaming up for the Break A Sweat Incentive Program.

CPA fitness coordinator, Nani Weber, and Director Lynn Nester, came up with the idea. The goal in mind: get students, faculty, and staff more active in the CPA.

“She and I wanted an easy way for people to remain active and track their progress and utilize our wonderful facility,” Weber said.

The program ran throughout the summer as a pilot. It was so successful, the number doubling from summer to fall, that they plan to run the Incentive every semester for four or five weeks.

This new program is replacing Fitting in Fitness, a similar program the Wellness Committee had run. The popularity for that program decreased and a new idea spun.

“We could freshen it up,” Weber said.

Some “worth your while” prizes are being offered—one $50 gift card to Mahoney’s, Vitamin Shoppe, or the Alpine Ski Center—to those who join the program.

Students, faculty, and staff can all participate by logging hours active inside the CPA or out on their own in a book in the CPA.  

At the end of the five weeks, for every five hours inside the CPA and every 10 outside, your name gets put into the pot for a chance to win those awesome prizes.

“It is of the utmost importance to keep our ETSU community moving and active,” said Weber. “Especially as the weather turns colder, we want to encourage everyone to take advantage of the CPA and all the programming Campus Recreation has to offer.”

The program started on Oct. 19 and runs through Nov. 22, but it’s not too late to sign up. Email to register.