Members of the Strategic Media Club

Members of the Strategic Media Club

The Strategic Media Club, a recent combination of the Advertising Club and PRSSA Club, will be hosting a zombie tag fundraiser on Nov.19.

Strategic Media Club made the decision to combine the two clubs since many of the students in both organizations are pursuing careers in advertising and/or public relations.

“It just made more sense to combine the Advertising Club and PRSSA into the Strategic Media Club so that members can get the benefit of both since they are so intertwined,” said Emma Hammer, Strategic Media Club Vice President.

The Zombie Tag fundraiser in November will be the first major fundraiser the club has had since combining the Advertising Club and the PRSSA Club.

“We wanted to have a ‘Walking Dead’ inspired theme, because we thought it would appeal to a lot of students it’s really more of a challenge course in a way. There will be various destinations participants will be trying to reach.”

Participants in the Zombie Tag have the option to dress up as either a zombie or a human, with registration fees being $5 or $7 depending on what the participant chooses to dress up as.

“There will be different people monitoring the areas to make sure people aren’t cheating or anything,”

Hammer said. “Also, since everyone will be dressed up, we’re going to notify Public Safety and various people on campus so they know there’s not just random people dressed up as zombies running around campus.”

The Zombie Tag fundraiser will take place from 5 to 7 p.m., with prizes being distributed to the top three winners.

The fundraiser is also going on in conjunction with the Strategic Media Club’s “Socktober” drive to collect socks for homeless members of the community.

“A certain percentage of the fundraiser will go toward the ‘Socktober’ drive to help distribute socks to homeless children and adults in the area,” said Hammer.

The Socktober drive started in October and will continue throughout the month of November.

Bins will be set up all around the community and over campus for people to donate new socks to be distributed.  

“We have bins set up in various spots, there is one in the SORC. Once we gather all of the socks we will be taking them to the United Way,” Hammer said.

Students who are wanting to participate in the Zombie Tag Fundraiser can pre-register by following the instructions on the flyers which will be distributed throughout campus.

They plan to also have registration available by going to the office of the Mass Communications Department on the fifth floor of Warf-Pickel Hall.