As the fall semester approaches its last few weeks, the Student Government Association senate is trying to work on as much legislation as possible before the end of the year.

Legislation was presented at this meeting and appointed to the appropriate committees.

The resolutions that were appointed to committees included a bill eliminating the $5 fee that students are forced to pay when they forget to bring their student ID upon admittance to the Basler Center of Physical Activity,  a bill notifying the students within a reasonable amount of time before the closing of parking lots that are for student use and a bill allowing guns in vehicles on campus for those who have a carry permit.

The committees will work with different departments — such as Parking Services and Student Affairs — before reporting back to the senate for discussion next week.

Before the end of the semester, all senators are required to write one piece of legislation or co-sponsor three pieces of legislation or they will not be in senate in the spring.

Senators and executives are working on legislation but are waiting to submit it until they have co-sponsors and enough approval.

“I have been working on a few pieces of legislation, and I hope to present them next week,” said SGA President Alex Cassell. “It’s been taking a while, but I want to make sure all of the pieces are set in stone before I bring it to the senate.”