Lupe Fiasco and opener, Austin Brown showered the crowd with love in the auditorium of the Freedom Hall Civic Center this past Saturday.

The student government association sent out a poll and the students spoke, the most votes were awarded to Lupe Fiasco.

According to Doretha Benn, secretary of exterior in SGA, Freedom hall is a great place to have the shows because it was specifically made for concerts and there is minimal setup, simplifying things even more.
Benn also helps organize volunteers, advertise the bands and design the t-shirts.

My favorite part about setting up the show is hanging out with the production crew and the volunteers,” Benn said. “Once you get all these people in one area it is nonstop laughing. It doesn’t even feel like work.”

As you walked in to the venue, there were volunteers everywhere to help you navigate you to your designated spot.

“I’m so glad Lupe got the most votes, he was by far my favorite choice on the ballot,” said ETSU graduate student Mary Hannah Hughes. “I was really happy about the turn out on Saturday as well, we gave them lots of love and they gave it right back.”

As Brown opened up the stage, he set the bar high the night, and Lupe Fiasco didn’t disappoint.

Lupe opened up with the song “Morals,” and the energy in the room heightened almost immediately.

“I loved his energy,” said ETSU graduate student Michael McCutcheon. “I was overall impressed, especially since he was the only one on stage while performing.”

Lupe didn’t have any back up singers or instruments on stage, and still put on an incredible show.

At one point, he split the crowd into parts and we had a “yelling competition,” which really got the crowd involved.

“My favorite song he performed was definitely “Kick Push,” when I used to ride my skateboard all the time I would play this song,” Hughes said. “He played everybody’s favorite songs, everyone was singing and dancing, it was a blast.