Students have been receiving a lot of surveys in their inbox lately, and if you’re like most students, you probably discard most of the emails you receive to your university email.

ETSU has teamed up with the consulting group Porter Khouw Consulting Inc. to streamline the selection of the next university food vendor.

“They assist institutions related to reviewing campus dining and retail options, developing plans related to those options,” said Joe Sherlin, vice president for student affairs, “and they also provide assessments of customer satisfaction related to food service and they make recommendations related to opportunities for improvement.”

Survey organizers will relay their findings to university administrators, and the information will be used to decide which food company best matches the needs of students and faculty.

“It will really focus on what students are looking for in their dining experiences, how they’re using food service on this campus, how they would like to use food service,” Sherlin said.

Sherlin said the university’s end goal is to provide a dining, retail and catering experience that meets the needs of students, faculty and staff.

“We want to make sure we understand what those experiences are and what our community wants,” Sherlin said.