Once a month, ETSU student Sam Rucker pairs up with the Acoustic Coffeehouse’s Next Door to hold an open microphone comedy night. The show is $5 to receive entry and all the proceeds go to a local charity, Break Homeless Service.

The show is usually hosted the last Friday of each month, and this month it will show on the Nov. 27 at 10 p.m., the show is expected to last for about an hour and a half.

‘The idea originated with Rucker, and he has been hosting these events for almost two years.

“The event is an open microphone comedy show with hired headliners from as far as Knoxville and beyond from time to time,” Rucker said.

The show will be located at 415 W. Walnut Street and will begin with Rucker as he welcomes and explains the rules.

Sam Rucker set up the open-mic night at the Acoustic Coffeehouse for local charity

Sam Rucker set up the open-mic night at the Acoustic Coffeehouse for local charity

“Then, I start introducing comedians one by one,” Rucker said. “Our headliner usually goes last. It’s a monthly show, and will be going on for two years this coming March.”

Youth minister, Andrew Harrison Cox,  runs the homeless service. According to Rucker, the charity doesn’t require religious beliefs, it’s purely people based.

“You can sign up by showing up an hour or two early,” Rucker said. “If there is room left on the roster, anyone can perform or they can contact me via Facebook.”

It is not a competition, but every once in a while Rucker will also incorporate a costume contest.

“The headliner this month is Aryn King,” Rucker said. “She is a female comedian from the area. It is also an adult show, there is no censorship here.”

Rucker has always wanted to use comedy to help people.

“My father showed me how to use humor at a young age,” Rucker said. “After he passed away, I was homeless for almost a year so I decided to make a show based off of both passions.”