Student organizations might face new time requirements for BUC funding thanks to a new piece of legislation the Student Government Association Senate will consider next week.

Sen. Garrett Parks is presenting legislation that will establish a specific time for organizations to submit applications for funding.

As it stands, organizations are allowed to apply during any of the three BUC Fund sessions at Senate meetings each semester.

“This legislation would cut down on organizations applying for an event that is much later in the semester or in the following semester,” Parks said. “We started out with around $130,000 at the beginning of the semester and now we are down to $20,000 already.”

Parks, who is the chairman of the BUC Fund Committee, said organizations wanting to come forward in the spring will be hindered by how little the fund has available to give out.

“I don’t think that’s fair, and I don’t think innovative efforts are only made as soon as we get back into school around August,” Parks said. “You can’t put a limit on when someone is going to have a good idea.”

SGA bylaws require 85 percent of the general fund be spent on on-campus events and the remaining amount to be spent on off-campus events.

Parks said an experienced BUC Fund Committee is important because the fund is made up of student paid money, and he believes the money should be allocated appropriately and fairly.

“The better the committee functions, the more students can get out of it and see improvements happen on campus,” Parks said.

Parks feels BUC Fund should be held accountable for its recommendations but reiterated the final funding decision lies with the SGA Senate, he said.

“The first come, first serve idea that we usually follow isn’t actually in the SGA Constitution,” Parks said. “That idea allows organizations to manipulate the funding, which new committees just see the numbers and think they have enough money to give out.”