Earlier this month an announcement was made from the owners of local sandwich shop, Alley Kat, that they would be closing their doors on Jan. 16 due to a personal decision.

Many ETSU students enjoyed this Johnson City favorite for lunch and dinner, considering it a staple to college life.

Alley Kat offered a variety of hot and cold sandwiches, salads and “the best wings in town,” according to their website.

Students and faculty could get great deals on 55-cent wings on Mondays and 10 percent off on Tuesdays with an ETSU ID.

“Alley Kat was a place where students could gather for good food and a great time,” senior Doretha Benn said. “The people there were genuine and made students feel at home.”

Benn said that she and her friends went there often, whether it was when she was the Student Government Association president or when she was joining other Preview and Orientation Leader Organization members.

“So many future students will miss out on such a special place,” Benn said.

“I have taken so many people there that were new to the area, and everyone loved it.”

Current and former students who didn’t have the chance to eat at Alley Kat feel regretful about missing out before it closed.

“I’ve been here for so many years and never went,” senior Gina Costanzo said. “Now that it’s closed, I wish I had gone because I had only ever heard amazing things about their food.”

The short notice shocked a lot of the local community who feel that Walnut Street and Johnson City itself lost an important eatery and a staple to town.

Their Facebook page is currently filled with remorseful comments and sad farewells from frequent customers.

Alley Kat will be remembered by those who were able to enjoy it before it’s close, keeping the memory of it alive as they reflect back on college days.

“Alley Kat was a part of the heart of Johnson City, and it will be missed,” Benn said. “My friends and I had some pretty great memories there that we will be able to laugh about for years to come.”