Slocumb Galleries and ETSU’s Department of Art & Design have paired up with the Honors College to help present “Inhabitants: Creatures of Imagined Worlds,” curated by Marty Henley and Kevin Reaves at the Slocumb Gallery on campus.

This exhibit is free to the public and is taking place until Feb. 5, with an awarding reception Friday, Jan. 29, from 5- 7 p.m.

The gallery will be showcasing work from 32 different artists throughout the United States with around 38 to 40 pieces in the show, and the type of artwork is considered to be one to remember.  There is even a piece submitted by ETSU alumni Thomas Gwyn, which Marty Henley said is one of his favorite pieces in the show. “It invokes a nostalgic feeling,” he said, “which made me fall in love with creature design.”

Henley said the exhibition will showcase imaginary creatures depicted in artwork produced by the participating artists. “The contributing artists work in a wide variety of techniques, materials and skill,” Henley said. “The artists range from professional creature and toy designers to novice and students. The inspiration of creature art, spans the imaginative work of young and old alike.”

The idea for the “Inhabitants” exhibition was conceived purely out of love and admiration for creature design.

“Monsters, robots and aliens have intrigued us since we were very young and to this day they influence and motivate our work,” Henley said, “We knew that many other artists share our love for the history and complexity of creature design. We created this exhibition to not only showcase creature artists’ work but to hopefully inspire young aspiring students and artists.”

Anyone who loves creature design is encouraged to stop by to visit. With a little bit of sci-fi, 2D, 3D and many more types, this exhibit would not only be greatly beneficial to those who love this type of work but also for the public looking to branch out in the art world.

“We want to give artists who enjoy creating creatures a platform to show off their designs and bring the community together to celebrate our love and admiration for robots, monsters and aliens,” Henley said.