For many years, ETSU students and faculty members have faced the struggle of getting onto campus from the Tree Streets, whether by car or on foot.

The solution is under construction right now — a new traffic light on University Parkway.

The neighboring community has raised concerns about the intersection on University Parkway and Southwest Avenue, and the city is answering with the installation of this traffic light.

This traffic signal will help students cross the road safely and improve the flow of traffic from Southwest Avenue.

University Parkway has been one of Johnson City’s top wreckage sites for years.

“The actual cost for the signal at this intersection cannot be completely separated from the other nine signals in the project and the project is not complete,” said Anthony Todd, traffic engineer for the public works traffic division of Johnson City.

“Actual quantities will vary some from the estimated quantities for the intersection, but an approximation of the right-of-way, design and construction cost for the signal is $170,452.”

The full amount of the cost will be federally funded.

Substantial savings were made by bidding ten signals together into one project.

“The complete cost cannot be precisely determined on the time spent by Johnson City staff and Tennessee Department of Transportation staff to complete the project,” Todd said, “because each organization is handling many duties and projects simultaneously.”