Nine new senators were announced and appointed to serve on the senate during the ETSU Student Government Association’s meeting on Tuesday.

The new senators are Emily Assenmacher, Elias Wood, Jalen Gregory, Keyana Miller, Dominique Cain, Tessa Branham, Hunter Shipley and Sydney Crowder.

Two new associate justices—Sabina Lyszczarczyk and Connor Landers—were also appointed during the meeting and previously served in the senate prior to appointment.

The new senators and justices will be sworn in during next week’s meeting.

Before the meeting, Vice President Ryan Baird made a call to some of the senators.

“There are a few senators that I will have to have a private meeting with before next Tuesday about unfulfilled requirements,” Baird said. “It’s in my power to do sanction how I see fit.”

Baird did not release any names or discuss the issues of unfulfilled requirements during the meeting; however, these issues could have an effect on current members.

Previously tabled legislation was assigned to the appropriate committees to be looked over before next week’s meeting, giving new members and chairpersons a chance to serve.

Information concerning the censure and investigation on Sen. Garrett Parks was not released during the meeting, though he has been removed from the BUC Fund committee and replaced by a new chairman.

The new BUC Fund chairman will be Sen. Sam Arnold, with Sen. Emily Marmon serving as vice chairman.

Parliamentarian Nathan Farnor will serve as chairman for Rules and Conduct, with President Pro-Tempore Brandon Johnson serving as his vice chairman.

Sen. Cassie Johnson will be chairman of Sustainability accompanied by Sen. Katie Deichert as vice chairman.

Sen. Coleman will be serving as chairman of Internal Affairs, and Sen. Tori Neal will serve alongside him as vice chairman.

The Food Services Committee will be taken on by Sen. Stewart as chairman and Sen. Judith Gichia-Waldrop as vice chairman.

Sen. Rachel Boyd was assigned to be chairman of Parking Services, with Sen. Fleming as the vice chairman.

Student Affairs was given to Sen. Molly Jones. President Pro-Tempore Johnson will serve as vice chairman.

Sen. Gilmer will serve as the chairman of Academic Affairs, and Farnor will be the vice chairman.

No new legislation was presented at the meeting except for Johnson’s emergency legislation concerning “spam-like” emails.

“I’m tired of constantly getting emails from Weight Watchers and some things about table top games,” Johnson said. “I’m sure there has to be a fix to this, especially since some students mark that as spam.”