The second Tennessee Board of Regents sexual misconduct climate survey will be available until March 7 for students to tell the university their thoughts about the safety of campus life.

“While last year’s survey had a specific focus on sexual assault and sexual violence, this year’s survey will focus on general campus climate, relationship violence, drug and alcohol use and perceptions of campus safety,” said Michelle Byrd, assistant dean of students. “Every other year, we will administer the climate survey with a specific focus on sexual assault and sexual violence.”

The TBR instituted the survey beginning last year across all member universities to gain data on the experiences and perceptions of the student populations. A total of 7,203 students across the state of Tennessee, including 818 ETSU students, participated in the first survey last year.

The board then uses the results from the surveys to coordinate and manage outreach and awareness programs about sexual assault and violence. This year, the results will be used to determine how to use programs to help general campus safety issues.

“I encourage all students to take the time to complete the survey,” Byrd said.

One such program from last year’s results is the upcoming “Be Aware, Take Action!” leadership conference to be held Feb. 26 at ETSU. Organized by the TBR, the conference covers the topic of awareness and prevention of sexual assault. There is a $25 fee for students, and the program includes lunch and a t-shirt.

Similar “Be Aware, Take Action!” conferences have been run at Tennessee Technological University and the University of Memphis as a result of the survey.

Additionally, the university has access to the results of the survey.

“The Office of the Dean of Students, the Counseling Center and other areas on campus have used and will continue to use the results to adjust practices, guidelines and policies concerning these issues,“ Byrd said.