ETSU Campus Crusade for Christ, more commonly known by students as Cru, offers a loving and welcoming family to everyone on campus.

“One of my favorite things about Cru that I really appreciated as a student is the friendly atmosphere,” said ETSU alum Sara Bottomly, who is now an intern with Cru. “A lot of our students have called it their ‘Cru family.’ The involved students and staff have always tried their best to welcome new students.”

Cru offers a home to students that wish to grow in their Christian faith. In the process of devoting themselves to Christ, students interact with each other and build friendships.

“Even at my very first meeting, people were wanting to get to know me and spend time with me outside of the weekly meetings,” said Jasmine Martin, who now helps to lead the weekly Cru meetings. “I came to ETSU looking for people with the same interests and values as I had, and I was a perfect fit for Cru. Cru is where I’ve found almost all of my friends on campus, and my college experience wouldn’t have been the same without them!”

Cru aims to affect students’ lives in a positive way through the love and example of Christ.

“This ministry is so special to me because I have gained a place where I belong, lifelong friends and a relationship with Christ that I can’t say I would have if it wasn’t for this campus ministry,” said Cru member Brianna Taylor.

Cru is one of the largest campus ministry groups in the world, and ETSU Cru is part of a larger Blue Ridge Cru group.

“Another thing I like about Cru is that as a ministry we try to be outward focused, thinking of ways to reach various groups of students on campus,” Bottomly said.

At ETSU, Cru offers many ways for students to become more involved.

“From late night food runs, to early morning prayer, from random hikes to evangelism overseas, Cru has made an impression on my life that I’ll never forget,” said Cru member Nathan Renner.

Every week, students in Cru meet at 7:47 p.m. Monday in the D.P. Culp University Center for lifegroup. Lifegroup is a fun way to have fellowship and study the bible.

On Thursdays at 7:47 p.m., students meet in Roger-Stout 118 for learning, prayer and worship. After the Thursday night meetings, Cru member always participate in an after-Cru event like eating out, capture the flag or scavenger hunts.

“Cru has always welcomed me,” Renner said. “I know that if I didn’t have these people who love me, I would be in a very different place in my life. They have changed me for the better, and I don’t know where I’d be without them.”