John Kaywood is the writer, director and casting director of his own YouTube series, “The Perfect Storm.” /Contributed

By early next fall, YouTube will have a new show for audiences to binge watch.

John Kaywood, 24, is starting a fictional series with a local flare. Kaywood’s series, “The Perfect Storm,” is a science fiction story that will be filmed around the Tri-Cites area.

“The Perfect Storm” is a series about five people with elemental powers and their journey of self-discovery.

These five individuals are put to the test when they have to face a common enemy: the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Shooting locally has proven to be the most difficult part of “The Perfect Storm.”

The filmmakers are trying to find proper filming locations, and like the characters in “The Perfect Storm,” Kaywood and his crew have also been forced to fight the elements.

The unpredictable weather in East Tennessee has been a persistent obstacle that the filmmakers have had to deal with, as Kaywood and the crew do a lot of filming outdoors.

Currently they are searching for a library setting, which Kaywood said has been an interesting journey.

While this is not Kaywood’s first project, it is the first time he has taken on the role of writer, director and casting director.

Graduating from ETSU, with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with honors, Kaywood has worked on numerous projects relating to the arts, serving both behind-the-scenes on the technical side and on the performance side.

“It’s cliché, but I don’t know if I could pick a favorite,” Kaywood said of his many projects. “Each of them has a place in my heart.”

Kaywood is holding auditions to fill several different roles in “The Perfect Storm.”

“We need people of various talents and appearances,” Kaywood said.

The most important roles that need to be cast are the characters of Taylor and Brent, both of whom will have recurring roles for at least the first two seasons. Taylor, male or female, is a young, sensible and very optimistic character. Brent, a young male character, is physically fit and attractive. In order to audition, Kaywod asks that candidates submit a video of them performing a monologue or scene with a partner via email and that candidates put their names in the subject line of the email.

If candidates have no way to film or upload their video, they should send Kaywood a name, phone number and current picture themselves, and an audition will be scheduled in person.

All materials should be submitted to perfectstormtheseries@gmail.com.