If you’re looking for St. Patrick’s Day plans for tonight that don’t include wearing green and drinking beer, you’ve come to the right place. Consider staying in for the festivities and indulging in these top five St. Patty’s Day movies.

5. “The Wizard of Oz”

While this 1939 classic — based on the novel by L. Frank Baum — may not seem like your average St. Patrick’s Day movie, it does have that color scheme going for it. The Emerald City, a green wicked witch and the rolling green hills of Oz are a few examples. Directed by Victor Fleming, “The Wizard of Oz” stars Judy Garland as the young Dorothy Gale, who is whisked away in a tornado to a strange and beautiful land where she must embark on a long journey to find her way home.

4. “Angela’s Ashes”

Based on the Pulitzer Prize winning memoir by Frank McCourt, this film was directed by Alan Parker, released in the year 2000 and set in 1935. It follows Irish immigrant Angela (Emily Watson), who moves with her children and alcoholic husband (Robert Carlyle) from New York City back to their homeland of Ireland to escape the horrible poverty they are experiencing. When they arrive in Cork, however, they find themselves in an even worse situation.

3. “Far and Away”

Directed by Ron Howard and released in 1992, “Far and Away” is an emotional drama following Joseph (Tom Cruise) and his landlord’s daughter, Shannon (Nicole Kidman), who set sail to the U.S. from Ireland in hopes of claiming free land and the American dream. The two end up in Boston where they realize how difficult it is to make it in the states as Irish immigrants in the late 1800s. With “No Irish Need Apply” signs plastered all over the city, Joseph and Shannon must overcome unemployment and poverty.

2. “Leap Year”

Yes, the title of this movie is referring to Feb. 29, but “Leap Year” is actually a much better choice to watch on Mar. 17. Directed by Anand Tucker and released in 2010, it stars Amy Adams, Matthew William Goode and Adam Scott. The film begins when Amy decides to ask her boyfriend to marry her after learning about a Celtic tradition that allows a woman to propose to a man on leap day. Her boyfriend, however, is in Dublin, Ireland, and to make it there on time, Amy must recruit the help of a charming Irish innkeeper named Declan, who may just convince her to change her plans.

1. “Leprechaun”

Taking the top spot is this 1993 cult classic horror flick about a murderous leprechaun in search of his gold and the not-so-lucky individuals who get in his way. Written and directed by Mark Jones, “Leprechaun” features Jennifer Aniston in her film debut and Warwick Davis as the leprechaun, who has since appeared in the “Harry Potter” franchise as both Griphook and Professor Flitwick. “Leprechaun” has everything you could possibly want in a St. Patrick’s Day movie, from four-leaf clovers to a rainbow with a magic pot of gold at the end. An evil leprechaun is just icing on the cake.