As we all know, college can be a stressful experience.

Despite your best efforts, it can be hard to stay organized and keep on track.

A few things that might help one keep up with the daily struggle of life would be to have a good sleep schedule. Originally it was thought that eight hours a night was sufficient, but there seems to be more and more discussions on anywhere between six to twelve!

Having a set sleep regimen and ensuring that you wake up at a specific time daily will help keep things a little more on track.

When it comes to school, a planner is also must. The ETSU Bookstore offers a free one or there are plenty more to choose from. I personally prefer a large hardback one with the month and daily squares so I can look ahead for the next few weeks or look at what I have planned for the day.

Color coordination and Post-its are also a must. Picking a color for class, work and social activities helps keep things under control when writing the dates in your planner. The Post-it notes are wonderful for reminders on a certain day, but no room or it is an unofficial event.

Studies also show that having a clean workspace and scheduled time to set aside for work makes students more productive than a messy workspace or working random hours. It’s best to pick a comfortable spot, keep the area clean and work daily there. This would also be a great place to have extra school supplies nearby.

Drawers and color-coordinated tabs for school supplies can also help you identify what material is in what place. And the last tip to help stay organized over the school year is to pack up all of your materials the night before class. That way everything is set and ready to go for a quick run out the door without forgetting anything.